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Certificate of authenticity for paintings

Did you know that having a certificate of authenticity for a painting is mandatory in some instances? In the long chain of sales and acquisitions that occur over the lifespan of an artwork, it is highly likely that at some point, a certificate of authenticity will be required. This is undoubtedly the case if a painting goes through a well-known auction house or high-profile gallery.

It is common knowledge that obtaining a certificate of authenticity for art is more important than ever. Art is a big business and the black market for forgeries is more sophisticated than it was in the past. By verifying the artwork from the beginning in a way that is traceable and visible, a lot of trouble can be saved down the track.

Painting, as an art form, has been grappling with the issue of proving authenticity for centuries. Some of the most famous cases of art forgery in history revolve around famous paintings.

But the question of authenticity and verification have taken on new meanings and new solutions in this technological age. This means that obtaining certificates of authenticity for paintings is now not only as important than ever, but easier to do.

How to certify a painting for authenticity

ARTTrust is a service platform that enables the self-certification of artworks. This includes certificates of authenticity for photography and certificates of authenticity for Fine Art. It allows you to certify the origin of artworks and the content of the certificate.

It works using BubbleTag technology that acts like a fingerprint that identifies each artwork in a unique and non-falsifiable way, while recording the descriptive information of the work in certificate form.

Artists can register their creations and edit and manage the certificates of authenticity directly from the ARTtrust platform. By scanning the QR code from a free reading app, a buyer can immediately access the details of the work.

The system works with limited edition certifications and numbered certificates of authenticity also, so that you can automatically manage your limited editions in total transparency.

What to do when there is no certificate

Collectors and galleries face myriad challenges if they are looking to authenticate paintings which do not already have certificates.

First, they must search for a qualified authority, which would be a person who has worked extensively with the artist's work in the past. They must be renowned as an expert who is professionally related to the artist, setting a very high threshold to begin with.

Next, a person trying to determine the authenticity of a painting would turn to what is known as provenance. This refers to history of ownership of the work.

But these days, with certification being so economical and immediate, there is no reason why a painting should not be certified from the outset.

Benefits of certificates for artists, collectors and industry

Certificates of authenticity from ARTtrust have benefits for everyone involved in the buying and selling of paintings.

The first beneficiary is the artist, who can protect their rights and works, and trace them throughout the process. Buyers and collectors can feel confident about the work they are purchasing, even enhancing the value of the piece. Galleries can differentiate themselves from the competition by providing an innovative and reassuring service to artists and clients. Art experts can ensure the integrity of the certificate of authenticity and deliver indisputable proof of their expertise. This kind of transparency and integrity can make a big difference to collectors who want to guarantee quality and veracity.

There is a range of ARTseals available, deigned to suit different needs. ARTseal 1 is ideal for large-scale reproductions, and is an entry-level solution that secures each work of art. ARTseal 2 means that the individual work and its certificate of authenticity are protected and linked in the ARTtrust platform. ARTseal 3 adds on top of that an archive certificate for the artist with a dedicated seal that summarises all the information. ARTseal 3C is a comprehensive solution that incorporates a card with the BubbleTag technology.