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Certificate of authenticity for art

Are you looking for a way to create a certificate of authenticity for art? Whether you are an artist, gallery, an art expert or individual buyer or investor, ARTtrust is an innovative and intuitive solution that will meet your needs.

The global art market today is worth billions of dollars, with countless transactions taking place every day. Meanwhile, art authentication has been a challenge for centuries and possibly even millennia. Ever since people started creating art for sale, the issue of authenticity became critical to instil buyer-confidence and guarantee that an artist's work is treated properly.

Today, art authentication is even more complex with a disturbing number of forgeries being bought and sold all the time. The good news is with the power of digital technology and advanced security, ARTtrust offers a solution that is as simple as it is effective.

Certificate of authenticity painting

One of the most common circumstances in which an art dealer or buyer is seeking clear verification of the origins of an artwork is when it comes to paintings. A certificate of authenticity for a painting is almost a mandatory requirement in the contemporary art world.

ARTtrust's services are especially catered for authenticating paintings, delivering indisputable proof of a painting's origins and all other details included in the certificate. ARTtrust uses Bubble Tag technology, which is widely approved and used in the luxury industry and by governments to protect administrative documents. By attaching these to the works all kinds of paintings can be protected. The value of the work will even be enhanced due to the peace of mind given to investors.

Certificate of authenticity photography

By creating a certificate of authenticity for photography, artworks, artists and right holders are all protected. Certificates that authenticate photographs solve problems that are common in the art world, where high quality digital printing that is widely accessible can produce replicas and prints that have not been endorsed by the artist. An ARTtrust certificate will enable you to identify each photograph and monitor its quality from the studio, to gallery or store, to buyer's wall.

Certificate of authenticity of fine art

A fine artwork brings together a unique combination of culture, art and monetary value. For this reason, fine art works can be immensely precious and must receive requisite protection. The certificate of authenticity for fine art is the best way to certify the origin of fine artworks whether they be original or limited editions. Even the most valuable works will be able to be authenticated with a unique and non-falsifiable code. What's more, by scanning a QR code with a mobile phone, a buyer can access the detailed sheet of the work and descriptive information.

Limited edition certification

When it comes to limited edition certification, ARTtrust has the ideal solution. Artworks and rights of art-holders and buyers are protected by a process that registers all artistic creations, including limited edition prints. After the artworks are registered with the certificate of authenticity, they can be edited and managed directly from the ARTtrust platform. This means that limited editions can be managed automatically and in total transparency.

Numbered certificate of authenticity

As part of the limited edition series, ARTtrust offers the numbered certificate of authenticity option. This will reassure artists and collectors alike, and gives complete transparency to the certification process. Enhance artworks with a professional certification process by proving the origin and authenticity, and the number of existing pieces. The ARTtrust platform services a range of security ARTseal kits that protect artworks and rights-holders. ARTseal 1 is perfect for large-scale productions and numbered artworks.

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