ARTseal 2

Link each artwork to its certificate of authenticity ARTseal 2 is a solution to certify the authenticity of an artwork and its certificate of authenticity. The first Bubble Seal™ goes onto the artwork and the second one onto the certificate of authenticity.
The ARTtrust certificate of authenticity generated by the platform shows the image of the Bubble Tag™ of the of the seal applied on the artwork.
Both Bubble Seals™ are jointly recorded onto the ARTtrust platform to create a secure connection between the artwork and its certificate of authenticity. Thanks to the recording on the ARTtrust platform anyone can verify their authenticity.
The product is available with standard ARTtrust design or with a personalized design.
  • ARTseal 2
    The Silver Bubble Seal™ is to place on the back of your artwork, to identify it and secure it.
    The Gold Bubble Seal™ is to place on the certificate of authenticity. This seal will consequently secure the certificate of authenticity of the artwork and will make it unique. The certificate of authenticity will include all the information needed in such a document (title, dimensions, type, etc.) as well as the image of the Bubble seal™ that is on the artwork.

  • ARTseal 2P : Customized ARTseal 2 with your logo/signature and your website for authentication.

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