Secure ARTcertificate

Secure certificates of authenticity with cutting-edge technology. What’s better than a certificate of authenticity ?
A secured certificate of authenticity !

Thanks to ARTtrust, you are able to produce a non-forgeable certificate of authenticity for each authentic piece of art.
ARTtrust offers artists and art professionnals a range of products to secure each artwork and their certificate of authenticity individually.
To do so, ARTtrust uses one of the most reliable security technology: the Bubble Tag™.
Each Bubble Tag™ is unique and impossible to reproduce. They are used as a fingerprint for the item protected.
Bubble Tag™ material is a transparent polymer that generates bubbles at complete random. Bubbles appear with positions, sizes and shapes that cannot be mastered. Each constellation of bubbles is, therefore, unique but also impossible to replicate, even by its original manufacturer.
A security solution fit for the art market
The Bubble Tag™ technology from Prooftag is adapted to the art application through ARTtrust ARTseal range of products.
  • Bubble Seals™: Those security seals are built on a tamper evident metallic substrate; a removal attempt provides a visible alteration of the seal. This characteristic reduces risks of repositioning of a Bubble Seal™.
  • bubble seal
  • Bubble Card™: The Bubble card constitutes a modern and personalized certificate of authenticity integrating the Bubble Tag™ in its core.
Simple and easy to authenticate Each Bubble Tag™ has a unique reference and a unique QR Code. They are all recorded in the ARTtrust database alone or in association with other Bubble Tag™ to form the ARTseal security kits. They can simply be authenticated visually on the front page of the ARTtrust website.
Traceability and information transparency The system provides transparency to buyers. It is not the artist who follows the artwork, but rather the buyer who can query the system to know the origin of an artwork. ARTtrust does not collect information on buyers nor on transactions. ARTtrust does not track transactions, prices, nor owners.
We invite you to find out which ARTseal kit best match your needs for original artworks, limited editions or open editions.