Check the authenticity

How to tell if a secure certificate of authenticity is valid ? Reassure art buyers and make them more comfortable with buying your artworks by giving them the opportunity to check the authenticity of the certificate. We invite them to connect to the online certification page of each artwork to get more information about the artwork and valid its authenticity.
A certificate of authenticity protected by the ARTtrust concept can be authenticated rapidly and easily by anyone :
  • With your smartphone, use any QR Code reading application such as i-nigma or neoreader to scan the QR Code of the Bubble Seal™.
  • Once scanned, a picture of the artwork appears along with the image of the Bubble Tags™. You can then compare the Bubble Tag™ with its image on the screen.
  • If Bubble Tags™ match with their images on the screen, and if the description and image of the artwork match, then the certificate of authenticity is valid.
If you don’t have a smartphone or a QR Code reading app; just connect to and type in the silver or gold Bubble Seal™ reference in the “authentication” area of the home page.
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