Certificate of authenticity

Every artwork should have a certificate of authenticity.

A certificate of authenticity is essential to tell more about an artwork and to prove its authenticity. It adds and especially when the artwork is bought from a reseller.

Thanks to a valid certificate of authenticity the art collector can :

  • have specific information about the artwork (title, medium, date of production, dimensions, editions ...)
  • be reassured on the author and his signature.

It can be used not only to prove the authenticity of the artwork but also its ownership.

ARTtrust develops and offers self-certification solutions for artists, galleries, and experts. It is a unique concept to deliver certificates of authenticity and for each authentic piece of art.

Thanks to ARTtrust, art professionals can protect their artworks and value them to collectors. It is a must have service for any artist or art professional that wants to value and protect its works for the future.

One of the main problems with “homemade” certificates of authenticity is that they are easy to forge. To prevent that kind of issue, ARTtrust is offering to premium users a range of security products to secure their artworks and their association with a secure certificate of authenticity.

ARTtrust solutions may apply to most artwork whether it is a unique photography, print, lithography, serigraphy, design, sculpture, paint or a limited edition.