ARTseal C

Luxury & modernity

With ARTseal C, offer a modern, secure and esthetic certificate of authenticity to your customer. ARTseal C offers the benefits of the ARTseal 3 solution with a card as a certificate of authenticity.

ARTseal C

The Silver Bubble Seal™ is to place on the back of your artwork, to identify it and secure it.

This certificate of authenticity is a Bubble Card™ with sections to complete to receive the details of the artwork (title, dimensions, etc.) to make it an official certificate of authenticity.

The Blue Bubble Seal™ is to be kept by the artist and placed on the printed archive. This archive document includes the descriptions of the artwork as well as the images of the bubble seals™ on the artwork and the certificate of authenticity. This document assures the artist and his assigns to have a secure print of the certificate of authenticity of the product independently to ARTtrust.

ARTseal CP

Customize your ARTseal C with your logo/signature and your website